Youth Group

An active program for teens including outreach, activities, and camp.

Calvary Baptist Church
Youth Group Goals & Philosophy

I.     Young people need to study the scriptures.
A.  Read God’s Word daily.
B.  Look for spiritual truths.
C.  Read through the Bible.
D.  Find a private place of prayer.
E.  Share what they find in God’s Word with others.
F.  Pray for others.

II.    Young people need to be involved in soul winning.
A.  Try to lead at least one soul to Christ each year.
B.  See one teen attend the youth group because of their influence.
C.  Go soul-winning.
D.  Pray for the souls of other young people.

III.  Young people need to be involved in Christian service.
A.  Be actively involved in at least one ministry.
B.  Give their best in whatever they are involved in.
C.  Participate in that ministry as if God assigned it and is watching over them.

IV.  Young people need to be socially involved in their church family.
A.  Attend the youth activities.
B.  Invite at least one person to each activity.
C.  Get to know the others in the youth group.