Calvary Baptist Academy – A Quality Education in a Quality Environment

Calvary Baptist Academy began in January of 1978 as a ministry of  Calvary Baptist Church.  The school started with grades K5 through 6th grade.  The years 1978 – 79 saw Calvary extending its education through the eighth grade.  In 1990, the church stepped out by faith and expanded its existing building to meet ever-increasing church and school needs.  It was during this time a college-prep high school program was added. Several of our graduates have successfully completed degree programs from a variety of Christian and secular colleges and universities.  The academy is a member of the Illinois Association of Christian Schools.

Calvary Baptist Academy opened in January of 1978 with grades K-4 through 8. Under the leadership of Pastor Wesley Potter, the church called Brad Smith (1980-1996) to be the academy’s principal and later assistant pastor. During that time the school extended its grades through the twelfth grade. When Brad Smith became the assistant pastor, John Durrand took the position of principal from 1994 through 1996.  Loren Boe served as Academy Administrator from 1996 to 2000 and Randy Bachman from 2000 to January 2005.  Beginning in January of 2005 Miss Debra deFreese and Miss Melissa Passage served as co-principals of the academy.  Pastor Cochran currently serves as the principal of Calvary Baptist Academy.  

Our ministry is located on approximately a 4-acre site with a playground area. Our auditorium and educational wing are joined for multiple ministry use.  The building is equipped with a gymnasium along with seven spacious classrooms.  A wide range of instructional aides, as well as audio-visual resources, are available for each classroom.  A fully equipped computer lab is accessible to all students.  Each classroom also has a computer for instructional purposes.  Calvary Baptist Academy is consistently striving to accommodate every student with the educational background needed to face a bright future in service for the Lord.